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Nestie Onjoco Dela Cruz
Retail Sales Advisor

I have been working in Axiom Telecom for more than 5 years and one of the things that is being provided are the regular training programs which assists the staff to deliver their job effectively.

Recently I attended the Axiom Elite program which guided us on improving the customer experience both internally and externally. The best part of the training was learning how you can maintain positive relationships with customers as well as your colleagues. We need to have more of these programs.

Yassir Naffei

I’ve been with Axiom telecom for the last 7 years and have recently attended a two day ELITE program at the Head Office in Khobar.

It is an excellent Programme and I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work.

I’ve started “choosing my attitude” which is courtesy of the Fish philosophy.

Thank you for inspiring my life!

Faisal Imam
HR Supervisor (KSA)

I’ve been with AXIOM TELECOM for over 10 years and the ELITE Programme impressed me a lot. It brought all our Axiomites together as one family.

Thank you!

I recommend this program to all our Axiomites.

Participation was rewarding, interactive, useful and definitely thought provoking for me especially the first and the third Fish; “Play” and “Be there”.

We are often too serious with tasks that we miss on the ‘Play’ and ‘Being there’ elements of balanced life for ourselves and others which apparently improves teamwork life tremendously.

Content and delivery style was clear and interactive – great, friendly and fun.  It catered to all levels, which was good for those just starting out and those with more experience like us.

Mostapha Hamad
Brand Claim Coordinator - KSA

“I have been with Axiom for 13 years and have spent 9 happy years growing from a salesman whereby I frequently used to achieve my sales target. Since then I have gained good experience and with the help of training programs I was promoted to Marketing/Brand Financial claim coordinator liaising with principles like Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia, HTC and Alcatel.

I always thank the LnD department for frequent professional grooming and training.

My most recent training session was ‘Maintain a Positive Attitude’. And what I liked most about the session was factors that affect our attiude and also how we can influence our environment through our attitudes.

Thank you Axiom for investing in me.”