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Nestie Onjoco Dela Cruz
Retail Sales Advisor

I have been working in Axiom Telecom for more than 5 years and one of the things that is being provided are the regular training programs which assists the staff to deliver their job effectively.

Recently I attended the Axiom Elite program which guided us on improving the customer experience both internally and externally. The best part of the training was learning how you can maintain positive relationships with customers as well as your colleagues. We need to have more of these programs.

Yassir Naffei

I’ve been with Axiom telecom for the last 7 years and have recently attended a two day ELITE program at the Head Office in Khobar.

It is an excellent Programme and I learnt a lot. I am inspired to rethink the way I plan and present my work.

I’ve started “choosing my attitude” which is courtesy of the Fish philosophy.

Thank you for inspiring my life!

Faisal Imam
HR Supervisor (KSA)

I’ve been with AXIOM TELECOM for over 10 years and the ELITE Programme impressed me a lot. It brought all our Axiomites together as one family.

Thank you!

I recommend this program to all our Axiomites.

Participation was rewarding, interactive, useful and definitely thought provoking for me especially the first and the third Fish; “Play” and “Be there”.

We are often too serious with tasks that we miss on the ‘Play’ and ‘Being there’ elements of balanced life for ourselves and others which apparently improves teamwork life tremendously.

Content and delivery style was clear and interactive – great, friendly and fun.  It catered to all levels, which was good for those just starting out and those with more experience like us.

Mostapha Hamad
Brand Claim Coordinator - KSA

“I have been with Axiom for 13 years and have spent 9 happy years growing from a salesman whereby I frequently used to achieve my sales target. Since then I have gained good experience and with the help of training programs I was promoted to Marketing/Brand Financial claim coordinator liaising with principles like Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia, HTC and Alcatel.

I always thank the LnD department for frequent professional grooming and training.

My most recent training session was ‘Maintain a Positive Attitude’. And what I liked most about the session was factors that affect our attiude and also how we can influence our environment through our attitudes.

Thank you Axiom for investing in me.”

Joshua Valderrama
L&D Specialist

“Being part of an extraordinary company like Axiom telecom has been a great experience for me, helping everyone to grow on their own path in terms of Knowledge and having a positive mindset. I have attended and conducted different types of training, from soft skills training to technical training.

Recently I attended the Lateral thinking training and it was an eye opening and an amazing experience for me. Even before I attended the training, I always had a habit of thinking in a creative way and it helped me a lot in my job and also in life. Then after attending the training I’ve learned how to use it and when to use it in an effective way. This motivated me to learn more about it and eventually be a master of lateral thinking to overcome challenges ahead of me, because it is a fact that not all the challenges can be solved in a logical way. Sometimes you have to go beyond logic and think out of the box. We are seriously unlike others for having this program. I’m proud to be an Axiomite.”

Santhosh Vayakara
Branch Manager

“I would like to express my sincere thanks to Axiom for selecting me for “Leader in You Program”. I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot. It would be an added tool to deploy my job more effectively to achieve the Vision of Axiom. The contents were highly useful and the videos were really informative & motivational.

I have been working with Axiom for 8 years and given opportunities to participate many useful training sessions, which have contributed to enhance my performance at workplace and at the same time my personal development. Once again, Thanking Axiom for imparting such a useful training program.”

Sachin Salian
Regional Support Manager

“Throughout my 15+ year’s journey with Axiom, I have witnessed senior management emphasis and consistent drive focusing on employee development & career growth via specific role based training programs rolled out every year and I am proud to have been part of the programs conducted.

Being nominated for the Axiom Talent program, I look forward to enhance my skills & strengths that shall open up my horizons at work place to function more efficiently towards contribution to the company goals.

I would like to personally thank axiom for giving me this opportunity.”

Wafi Dakhel
Senior L&D Specialist

“I have been in Axiom for a year and have learned a lot. I strongly believe in the Axiom Core values and Innovation is one of my favorites, therefore I was able to apply lots of innovative ideas in my work as a trainer.

During my journey with axiom I got the chance to attend different training programs but selecting me to be part of the Axiom Talent program makes me feel proud, motivates me to work harder, helps me to explore my potential and improve my skills.”

Mohanna Mohammed Alholais
HR Regional Manager (KSA)

“ELITE made us rethink the way we view work. We are the leaders when it comes to customer service, integrity and high performance. When our internal and external customers interact with us our goal is to have them leave with the impression that they are going to have a positive experience from the word go based on the four concepts of Fish Philosophy emphasized in Elite training program namely; Play, Be there, Make their Day and Choose your attitude. Elite illustrated to us how to deliver excellent care to our current and future customers.”

Ali Nawaz
Brand Manager

“During my last 3 years at Axiom, I have been a part of several trainings. Last month attending “Axiom Elite” really gave me a new insight & exposure that even work can be a stress relieving FUN for us. The facilities and material was outstanding including real life examples, live demos & other useful material provided during the session were above expectations. Especially Andre’s vibrant style & upbeat attitude kept us indulged that I couldn’t divert my attention outside the session for even a moment. It has helped me not just to improve but implement great customer service both internally & externally using the FUN factor. I strongly believe that skills practiced & discussed during Elite session can be super useful for all team members within our company from entry-level to senior management.”

Jabar Fateh
Field Manager - Sales Operations

“I am glad to be part of the Axiom Elite training. The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The contents were extremely informative and incredibly useful for professional as well as personal life. The trainer made everything so simple through his experience. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends. I myself would love to be part of future training’s of similar kind.”

Helen K. Galletes
Customer Care Executive Team Leader

“I have been with Axiom for eight years as a Customer Care Team Leader. The Service capability program reminded me of Key concepts that are often neglected or compromised & how important it is to keep them alive & applied within our team. Throughout the training, Staff management, understanding the business model & effective customer service among others were explicitly explained through specific examples which helped me to relate & understand them better. More importantly, this training program has inspired me to go back to my team & share what I have learned with the hope to educate, help them move forward & become more effective with their role.”

Habib Abdullah Al Sihati
Store Manager

“Since joining axiom I have learned about performance improvement, updated my skills and learned new skills on dealing with the public. I have had training on the new devices, on axiom system and how to sell. I would recommend axiom as a company because of the continuous training and development opportunities.”

Raman K Swamy
Country Logistics Sr. Manager - UAE

“It’s been more than10 years that I have been working in Axiom and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’ with this ALP program conducted recently. Axiom is a nice place to work and my seniors and colleagues are very organized and easy to work with. Axiom consistently providing various training’s to different level of employees which have been of great help in grooming and development. “

Vysakh Raju
Technical Supervisor

“Axiom is a company that follows their stated values. The way I have been treated shows that Axiom believes that ’employees are their greatest strength.’ It has been great working in a team with people from different cultures and generations because I learn a lot from my co-workers. Moreover, Axiom SCP program has brought up my level & added values in both my professional as well as my personal life. It’s been 3 years now since I’ve joined axiom and I can say each day in axiom has added something in me and I am excited to be a part of it.”

Hussain Salem Al Turaiky
Sales Advisor

“I joined axiom after hearing about the Job from one of my colleagues. Since joining I have learned many things and especially new skills about dealing with customers. I have had training on the new products, customer service and Switch. I hope that I can work to become a Supervisor or Manager. I would strongly recommend working for axiom as there are no other companies in KSA who offer the same opportunities to develop and improve.”

Hany EL-Banan
Accounting & Operation Manager (KSA)

“It is a unique experience to be part of Axiom Family which enables people from all around the world to work together for one goal. I learnt a lot during the past 11 years working for Axiom Finance & I am very interested to continue my story with Axiom. Believe in others, is the main lesson that I have learned through the Leadership Program. All the best to Axiom family.”

Prashob Mathummal Poyyeri
Sr. Software Developer

“The 4 years that I have spent in Axiom has been wonderful and I have improved a great deal as a person. I truly appreciate all that I have learnt here and I love to be a part of Axiom.”