Damageprotection Termsandconditions


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Benefit List

Product 12 months Accidental Damage
1st Year Accidental Damage Covered
Number of Claims 1 claim through policy period
Excess (for items AED 1,499 and below) AED 105
Excess (for items AED 1,500 and above) AED 210


Some of the words in this Policy have specific meanings. These are explained below and have the same meaning wherever they appear in bold throughout this cover.

Covered item(s) – A relevant Mobile Phone and/or tablet owned by you or a member of your Family and purchased from Axiom or its authorized resellers and evidenced by a Receipt.

Damage – The sudden and unexpected failure of your Covered item caused by accidental damage, liquid damage or malicious damage that prevents your Covered item from meeting its designed function.

Cosmetic Damage – Cosmetic damage is a degree of physical damage that simply refers to impairment of only the appearance of a Covered item, but not its functionality. Example: Discoloration, Scratches, Cracks/Dents on the Covered items.

Family – Any member of your immediate family who lives with you at your Home.

Fee(s) – The amount payable for the purchase of the Axiom Damage Protection plan.

Home – The registered address supplied by you as your permanent place of residence.

Incident – An event or a series of events, which result in the breakdown or damage to your Covered item.

Mobile Phone – A mobile phone purchased or owned by you or a member of your Family.

Original Purchase Price – The amount paid for the covered item at the time of its purchase excluding any credit charges, delivery charges, interest charges or delivery costs

Policy – The Axiom Damage Protection plan terms and conditions.

Policy Period – The period beginning at the Policy start date shown on the Covered item’s Receipt and based on time period selected.

Policy Start Date – The Covered item’s purchase date as shown on your Covered item’s Receipt.

Receipt – The purchase invoice received when the Covered item(s) are purchased from Axiom or an Axiom authorized reseller setting out the Covered item(s) and related Axiom Damage Protection Plan(s).

We, our, us – Axiom Telecom

You, your – The person named as the purchaser of the Covered item(s).


The Policy covers Covered items owned and used by you and members of your Family.

Damage (Accidental/Liquid/Cracked screen) – What is Covered?

If the Covered item suffers damage including liquid damage caused by the Covered item being in contact with any liquid through spillages, damp conditions, and natural weather conditions and leaking batteries during the Policy Period, we will reimburse the cost of repair. If it is not possible or economic to repair up to the value mentioned within your Policy, we will reimburse the cost of replacing the Covered item.

Damage – What is Not Covered?

Damage caused by:

You or a member of your Family deliberately damaging or neglecting the Covered item;

The covered item being used by someone else other than you or a member of your Family;

Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions;

Cosmetic damage; or

Routine servicing, inspection, maintenance, dismantling or cleaning of the Covered item.

Policy Limits – Applicable to Retail/Online/Reseller New Sales Policies

The maximum amount we will reimburse for repair or reimbursement of a Covered item is if the cost of repair falls within the range of the purchase price of the Covered item as set out on the Receipt.

In the case of reimbursement of goods, a depreciation scale will be used against the Covered item which is based on when the claim was been reported.

The depreciation scale is as follows:

0-3 months – 20% (80% of Original Purchase Price is payable)

3-6 months – 30% (70% of Original Purchase Price is payable)

6-12 months – 40% (60% of Original Purchase Price is payable)


We will not pay for:

Any Incident occurring outside the Policy Period;

Any Covered item that was not in full working order when you purchased the Policy;

Damage as a result of a Covered item being used by someone else other than you or a member of your Family;

Any claim where you are unable to provide the Receipt or satisfactory proof of purchase of a Covered item;

Any claim where the serial number for a Covered item or the IMEI number for a Mobile Phone has been removed or tampered with in any way;

Any Incident involving damage that results in a claim for the Covered item which is not reported to us within 48 hours of discovery;

Damage caused by any form of portable external storage media including but not limited to memory cards, USB memory sticks or other digital recording equipment as well as accessories;

Cosmetic Damage, wear and tear, rusting or other deterioration due to normal use or exposure, or where there has been a failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the Covered item;

Any software or data installed on the Covered item, such as telephone numbers, ringtones, music, pictures, applications or videos, damage caused as a result of a virus damage caused by the installation of software or applications or any costs incurred during reinstallation;

Any costs suffered by you or a member of your Family as a result of not being able to use any Covered item or any costs other than the repair or replacement cost of a Covered item;

Any claim arising from the confiscation, requisition or destruction of a Covered item by any government, public or legal authority;

Any labor or other charges incurred where a fault cannot be found with a Covered item;

Any costs or damage caused to a Covered item by war, terrorism, invasion, revolution or any similar event;

Damage to any accessories or other devices which are not defined as an electronics product;

Software malfunctions or other issues related to or caused due unauthorized software enhancements;

Damage caused due to rooting, jail breaking or installing Custom ROMs or other software that may affect the Covered item’s hardware;

Any accessories that may be included or bundled with the Covered item including not limited to batteries, headphones, chargers, charger cables, cases, covers, camera lenses and any other accessories; and/or

Unauthorized repair or modification undertaken by any third party service provider.


Report any Incident likely to give rise to a claim to the Axiom service center within 48 hours of discovery.

We may ask you to complete a claim form and return it together with the Receipt and any other documents required to support your claim. This may include details of the make, model and serial number (IMEI number for a Mobile Phone) of any Covered item.

If you are reimbursed for the replacement of the Covered item, the damaged Covered item will belong to Axiom. If the Covered item is then returned to you or if it is found, you must contact us immediately and if we ask, you must send it to us.


  1. Fees

    – You will be charged the Fee shown unless the Policy is cancelled by us. If you fail to pay a Fee when due we may terminate your Policy.

  2. Reasonable Precautions

    – Covered items must be kept in a good state of repair and all reasonable steps taken to prevent damage.

  3. Other insurance policies

    – If at the time of a claim you have other insurance policies covering the Covered item, we will only pay our share of the claim.

  4. Changes We Can Make To The Policy

    We can review and change the Fee or change the terms and conditions of the Policy. The changes may increase or reduce the Fee and may improve or reduce the cover provided by the Policy, including the Policy limits.

    You will be given at least 30 days’ notice in writing of any change which will be sent to your Home address or registered email address with Axiom.

    The circumstances that may give rise to a change in Fee or to the terms and conditions of the Policy include (but are not restricted to): significant adverse claims experience, significant increase in our operating costs, inflation, economic and environmental factors, and changes in legislation, or taxation.

  5. What to do if You need to make a complaint

    If you have cause for dissatisfaction and wish to lodge a complaint please contact the Axiom help line on 800-29466

    We will aim to promptly solve customers’ complaints at the initial point of contact. Our Assistance Department staff is fully trained to deal with your complaint quickly and efficiently. However should you inform us that you are dissatisfied with the response you have received

    Your complaint will be responded to by the Customer Relations Team who will aim to resolve your complaint, within two working days of receiving your complaint, where possible. If the Assistance Department cannot resolve your complaint within this time, they will write to you within five working days and endeavor to resolve the problem within 4 weeks.

    Replacement: Replacement parts or products may be new or rebuilt to meet the manufacturer’s specifications of the original product at our discretion. Our obligations under this Policy will be fulfilled in their entirety if we replace your product with a new or refurbished product or issue you a voucher or gift card for replacement value.

  6. Fraud

    If you or a Family member or anyone acting on behalf of you/them makes a false or fraudulent claim or supports a claim with any false or fraudulent document or statement including inflating or exaggerating a claim, you will lose all benefits and Fees you have paid for the Policy.

    We may also recover any sums we have already paid under the Policy.

    If you or a Family member provides us with false information, statements or documents, we will record this on anti-fraud databases and may also notify other organizations.

  7. Law Applied

    Law applying to the Policy (Unless agreed otherwise) is the law of the United Arab Emirates as applied by the courts of Dubai. Disputes shall be submitted to the courts of Dubai.

  8. Language of the Policy

    The language of the Policy and all communications relating to it will be English.

  9. VAT

    All fees are inclusive of VAT.